Max Mosley: it is a good super bowl to Formula 1, to follow his example?

Макс Мосли: Так ли хорош Супербоул, чтобы Формуле 1 брать с него пример?

Former FIA President Max Mosley has shared his opinion about the plans of the new owners Liberty Media reform Formula 1 and warned the Americans against hasty decisions.

“Of course, they have acquired this business and are now able to do what they think is best for the sport. Let’s wait and see how events will develop, – quotes Mosley’s Speed Week. But they should be careful. No need to break something that was working.

Of course, this is serious business people who understand perfectly. If they can handle this better than Bernie? I can’t say yet. We’ll see.”

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New Executive Director chase Carey has made it clear that he would like to do the stages of Formula 1 as vivid as the holding of the super bowl (final match of the season in the NFL), which is accompanied by concerts and shows. However, Mosley is not convinced of the correctness of this approach.

“Easy to say, but I honestly don’t quite understand what that means. For the Superbowl, really? Don’t want to be rude, but Americans sincerely believe that can do everything better than the rest. That is why their decisions are not always correct. You can give many examples from recent history,” added Mosley.

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