Luca di Montezemolo: the Main mistake Bernie Ecclestone? Cooperation with CVC

Лука ди Монтедземоло: Главная ошибка Берни Экклстоуна? Сотрудничество с CVC

Former Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo commented on the departure of Bernie Ecclestone as head of management of F1 and the arrival of new owners, the American company Liberty Media.

“I recently talked to Bernie, and he in a typical manner, asked if I had any work for him, – quotes the words of Luke Speedweek. – It seems that this man of inexhaustible resources.

As Bernie Ecclestone himself was suspended from Formula 1

But what happened was inevitable. It is impossible to put the 86-year-old man at the helm of something absolutely new. In addition, it is not consistent with the principles of Bernie, he was accustomed to do everything alone. He stood for a solution to any problem.

A company like Liberty Media is unable to invest in the sport billions and get nothing out of it. F1 has chosen the path of changes that will go hand in hand with the new owners of the sport.

The biggest mistake Ecclestone? In my view, this cooperation with investors from CVC in 2006. Investors are not interested in sport – they are only interested in maximizing profits. This has led to the current lack of innovation in F1.

When I left Ferrari in 2014, I was asked if I would be interested in how to lead the governing body of F1. I imagined the scene: the command will be three people. One person will be responsible for the commercial side of the question, the second leader will be responsible for sport and technology, and the third for Finance. Such a model now and built Liberty.

Now the new owners know about the Formula 1 exactly the same as you know about astronomy. But they have proved that they are able to act. It’s smart people, which in contrast to CVC, want to revive F1 as a sport.

I admit, they could do with Bernie softer, because he invented the modern F1. This is an absolute genius. This man deserves a decent farewell.

As for F1, it will change. I don’t know if it will become better or worse. But with Bernie we can say for sure that the era of giants came to an end the era of Enzo Ferrari, Colin Chapman and Bernie. Now a new era”.

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