Lewis Hamilton: the Formula 1 need more races on urban roads

Льюис Хэмилтон: Формуле 1 нужно больше гонок на городских трассах

Formula 1 need more races on urban roads, for which the future, says three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

According to the British, one of the reasons for the downturn in attendance of the championship of the world is the location of many of the tracks away from the major cities. As an example, he cited the track in China.

“I’m not the biggest fan of modern circuits, – quotes Hamilton Motorsport Week. – In addition, many trails are located outside the city, and to reach them, the fans require a lot of time. For example, in the stunning Shanghai circuit, but I don’t understand why he is so far away.

What is the point to hold races where nobody goes? In my opinion, the future milestones on urban roads. I hope that in the calendar they will become more and more. It would be great to race in new York. The United States is such a huge country, but there is only one Grand Prix. I think we need more races in this part of the world.

Also I really want to see the Grand Prix held in London. On the other hand, now it wouldn’t be as impressive given that cars with the V6 engines sound awful. It is a well known fact. When I debuted in Formula 1, the sound of engines laid the ears. I hope the sound will return.”

On the question of how to increase the popularity of F1 in the U.S., Hamilton said: “This is a difficult question. The main problem with Motorsport is its remoteness from the fans.

If you want to feel like Lionel Messi, then just buy a ball, gather a team and play football. But the fans of F1 can’t do what we do. Not even close to similar classes, and from the side it is difficult to imagine what it’s like.

In the country races are held only once a year, so fans have to wait long. I think, at least, it would be worthwhile to hold another race in the US.

We need to hold the Grand Prix there, where there are real fans who come to the podium in order to watch the race.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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