Lewis Hamilton: New car so vast, like a boat

Льюис Хэмилтон: Новый автомобиль такой огромный, что похож на лодку

Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton has shared his impressions about the new car in an interview with your sponsor UBS.

Under the new rules, cars will be wider than 20 cm. Over his career, Hamilton is already the second major change of the rules.

“In 2009 we are unaccustomed, it seemed that the cars look dreadful,’ said Lewis. But are you trying it out as soon as the car in, it is the opposite technique of the previous generation looks like something is wrong. I think this time will be the same.”

New car Mercedes will be presented to the public on Thursday.

“He looks like a boat, commented on Hamilton’s appearance W08. – It is much wider and longer than previous models.

In 2007-m and 2008-m distance between the fuel tank and the rear axle was quite short, now the opposite is true. I’m sure we’ll get used to novelties, and fans will especially enjoy the wide tires.”

Lewis also tried to predict the behavior of new cars on the track: “Copse will now be able to pass the gas to the floor. I can’t tell yet whether this is good or bad, we’ll see.”

Also a three-time champion admitted that he would have removed all of my F1 cars: “I would have made the car easier. I liked the gear lever, unlike modern transmissions”.

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