Lewis Hamilton: I don’t want to share their data with a partner

Льюис Хэмилтон: Я не хочу делиться своими данными с напарником

Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton asked the team to stop passing the acquired data to his partner.

According to Lewis, the accessibility of data allows riders to copy the styles of each other.

“I go on the road, spend a few laps, and the other guy can see all my data, said Hamilton in an interview with UBS. I doubt this is correct. I already told the team that want it to stop. If my partner is coping better than me, I should not copy his measures are unfair!

For example, you choose braking points, bumps, marks from rubber on the road – in short, everything that allows you to drive the circle faster. Another driver is the nature of may be either greater or less than, for example, but because of the accessibility of the data it copies you. He looks and thinks, “Oh, he is here braked five metres later, you have to try it too”. I absolutely do not like! So he could be closer to you. That’s why I like go-karting – it is impossible to do, so this talent becomes immediately apparent”.

However, Hamilton would not want to ban the exchange of information.

“Due to the limited amount of time we do not have time to change everything, when we choose the wrong direction – continued Lewis. – If you don’t go by your partner, then all is lost. There’s nothing you can do. But this is an isolated situation.

It seems to me that for progress of the team what I suggest, good. I’m not opposed to the engineers exchanged data, but riders don’t have to learn each other.

The rider needs to hire because he is the best, constantly learn, won all the Championships on its way – I personally managed it. The riders themselves have to tread the road without my help.”

Hamilton also added that the pilots, studying the information of the partners, is not a place in Formula 1: “it is possible to take a very young driver from the Formula 3, to sit on the simulator and every day to get my copy of the trajectory. In the end he will learn, but had to do everything myself!

The complexity of the racing profession that you yourself find the limit. I’m also trying to find it in the new car, and if I can’t, then it’s my problem and I don’t deserve to be here. In modern Formula 1 there are drivers”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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