Lewis Hamilton continued to doubt the new rules

Льюис Хэмилтон по-прежнему сомневается в новом регламенте

Three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was one of the first who said that the new regulations on aerodynamics make overtaking due to the fact that you can’t follow the opponent closely will be even harder than before.

A year ago, the British openly declared changes in rules are ridiculous, and last week the presentation of the Mercedes W08 reiterated their concerns.

“The engineers say that outrun is going to be difficult because the dirty air will be even more than before, – quotes Hamilton The Guardian. – Let’s see what happens on the first tests. Hope it turns out better than I speak, but not too much hope”.

Others, however, are less biased in their forecasts, such as Renault technical Director Bob bell.

“While we know very little about how the new regulations will affect overtaking, he said. Theoretically a greater level of mechanical grip should help overtaking, but on the other hand, the new aerodynamics will be very effective. How it will look like this balance, I can’t say yet”.

Racer McLaren’s Fernando Alonso at the presentation of the machine MCL32 said on Friday: “they Say that because of the greater level of downforce and wide tires will increase the effect of dirty air and chase the opponent’s car will become more difficult. But while this is only a theory.

In previous years the most important factor when overtaking was the tires. From rubber and will depend on how many overtaking we will see. When three or four pit stops there will be many, with one stop in the pits – less”.

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