Lewis Hamilton: After a career in F1 I’m not going to hang around in the paddock

Льюис Хэмилтон: После карьеры в Ф1 я не буду торчать в паддоке

Three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton admitted that at the end of his career in Formula 1, intends to change activities, in contrast to most other racers.

In an interview with UBS Lewis shared his rough plans for life after a career in F1: “I do not intend to continue hanging around in the paddock after a career. Many riders often continue to associate his life with the Formula 1. They are so easy because they are in this environment are life.

However, it is too simple way. I want to leave this environment and try something new. How would I have it worked out, I will try something else, and maybe in the paddock won’t see me anymore because there is no challenge. Racing is not everything in life is a lot of interesting things than I can do. If I finish my career in F1, it’s forever”.

On the question of the relevance of their heritage in F1, Hamilton said: “Definitely, I want to be remembered as a committed racer, as well as a deep person, not hiding his feelings”.

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