Key questions ahead of tests in Barcelona

Ключевые вопросы в преддверии тестов в Барселоне

In anticipation of the start of pre-season tests in Barcelona edition analyzed key issues…

Throw anyone challenge Mercedes?

Ключевые вопросы в преддверии тестов в Барселоне

“Silver arrows” dominated the Formula 1 for the last three years, winning during that time 56 51 pole positions and win 59 races held. Can anybody finally give the fight to Mercedes? Despite the change of technical regulations, there is a feeling that current Champions will still be ahead. If from the point of view of aerodynamics is not the best team, its powerplant remains the benchmark that is important. Because with more downforce the more clearly will say it is the lack of capacity and not lack of grip.

Nevertheless, with all the resources and power of the Mercedes, is the probability that a team will give up the position. Who knows, maybe one or two opponents will find a magic solution that will allow them to get ahead.

The ambitions of the “Silver arrows” after the success of the three previous years is obvious. The question is whether someone of their competitors to make a serious step forward?

How much faster will the machine?

Ключевые вопросы в преддверии тестов в Барселоне

In early 2015 the Formula 1 responded to criticism of modern races, reporting the development of a technical regulation, where the lap times will improve for three to five seconds, depending on the route by increasing the level of downforce and go to wider tires.

The route Barcelona-Catalonia that will take both sessions of pre-season tests will be a good indicator due to its combination of fast, medium and slow corners. Last year, the best time for pre-season tests in Barcelona on the Ultrasoft tires mounted Kimi Raikkonen – 1.22,765. This time round will be a guide from the very first day.

How difficult to have riders?

Ключевые вопросы в преддверии тестов в Барселоне

In the current season of the social network of the racers of Formula 1 was just flooded with photos from training at the gym – so much time they had to devote to physical training.

With a significant increase in speed of the load will seriously increase. It is especially difficult pilots have the habit on the first tests, after all, just have to drive 100 laps in a day or so.

“The racers in any case you will face problems on the tests – said Rupert, Manwaring, coach Carlos Sainz. – Have to work all day, but pilots are hard to find in this stimulus, moreover, even when working in different programs. So some will have difficult in the psychological plan”.

In General, in an interview after the session, we will be able to see a really tired pilots.

Who better than others has adapted to the new rules?

Ключевые вопросы в преддверии тестов в Барселоне

The transition to the new regulations inevitably leads to discussions about who adapts the best to others, and who is worse. The last major rule change that took place in 2014 allowed us to get ahead of the mechanics from the Mercedes, but hit the Ferrari and Renault who are still playing catch-up.

However, the stability in the regulations on the motors eliminates at least one variable, even if the development of engines will now be more active in connection with the cancellation rules “tokens”.

The previous major changes in the regulations resulted in change of leadership, although, as a rule, were always extenuating circumstances – McLaren (1998), Red Bull / Brawn GP (2009) and Mercedes (2014) – all they have laid a good Foundation before moving on to the new rules.

There are always those who adapts well and who’s not. The next two weeks will determine which team entered the first category and which to the second.

How to build relationships between new teammates?

Ключевые вопросы в преддверии тестов в Барселоне

While the compositions of Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso have remained unchanged, in other teams there was a very interesting change. Of course, this primarily applies to Mercedes, where Valtteri Bottas took the place of the retired Nico Rosberg. Place the Finn in the Williams took the completed career, it was Felipe Massa, who thus became a mentor to 18-year-old lance Stroll. For canadian beginner’s upcoming official tests in Barcelona will be the first in Formula 1, so that four days of driving FW40 he has much to learn.

As for the other changes, the McLaren fighting took racer Stoffel Vandorn and Esteban Windows replaced in the Force India of the past in Renault and Nico Hulkenberg. Former racer Renault Kevin Magnussen this year joined Haas. And finally, Sauber’s new partner Marcus Ericsson was Pascal Wehrlein.

However, the changes in the teams are not limited to just racers. As a rule, in the pre-season tests to each other, lapped the new management and engineers, teams and technical partners, etc.

How significant are the tests?

Ключевые вопросы в преддверии тестов в Барселоне

As always, to draw conclusions on test results – not an easy task. Some teams try to hide their potential, to circle around the fingers of the rivals and not to disclose all the cards. One can work in the qualifying mode on Ultrasoft, while others – long series on hard tyres.

Time and temperature can also be an important factor. Besides, in Barcelona often change the direction of the wind, which also affects the lap times.

The temperature is also much lower than most of the Grand Prix during the season. In the morning the thermometer drops below zero, and the day rises above +20 °C. So in the morning meaning in the simulation of the race just yet. The same thing, including the evening at sunset, for and modeling skills, nevertheless, that few people stop from trying to perform some calculations…

The weather forecast for the first test session, 27 February – 2 March

Monday – cloudy, 18°C
Tuesday – partly cloudy, 18°C
Wednesday – partly cloudy, 16°C
Thursday – partly cloudy, 18°C

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