Kevin Magnussen: “Halo” would not have saved Bianchi crash on Suzuka

Кевин Магнуссен: "Ореол" не спас бы Бьянки в аварии на Сузуке

The pilot Haas Kevin Magnussen said that, like many of his colleagues, voted against the introduction of the protection of the head “halo” in the Formula 1 in the near future.

According to Dane, the concept does not fit the F1 and would not have saved Jules Bianchi in crash at Grand Prix of Japan in 2014.

The FIA may refuse the introduction of “halo” in 2018

“I voted against it. In my opinion, this is contrary to the basics of Formula 1, – said Magnussen in an interview with Danish newspaper BT. – Of course, the use of “halo” will reduce the risk of injury in case of contact with the cockpit wheel or chip from another machine. But I think first you need to pay attention to the large number of other aspects of security.

What happened with Jules, is a real tragedy. However, to a certain extent it was a coincidence. Formula 1 should learn the lessons from what happened, but the “halo” would not have saved Bianchi”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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