Kevin Magnussen explained the cause of the accident on the tests in Barcelona

Кевин Магнуссен объяснил причину аварии на тестах в Барселоне

New Haas racing driver Kevin Magnussen said of his crash during the morning session of the first day of testing in Barcelona.

At the end of the fourth hour of the Dane flew to the tenth turn and broke the front wing.

“We passed not so a lot of circles as expected, but in principle this was to be expected, – quotes the Magnussen F1Fanatic. – Of course, the team always has a plan, but at the same time you must be ready for minor problems with sensors and things like that, what usually have to understand in the morning session.”

Regarding the accident in the tenth rotation, the Dane said: “I have locked up the rear brake. It would have been to use the handbrake on a road car. As a result, I lost control and crashed into the wall, slightly damaging the front wing. Nothing terrible happened, just have to deal with the brakes and the brake balance. In the morning we got some useful information about that.

Fortunately, no other damage to the machine is not got.”

Magnussen added that has not yet attacked in full force, but already feel the stability in the behavior of the machine.

“The difference is particularly noticeable at high speed, he said. Very interesting how the situation will be further along the course of the tests, when on the soft tyre, we will try to achieve the maximum from the car.

Now the priority is to drive more miles and make sure everything is working properly”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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