Juan Pablo Montoya: European riders weak in terms of psychology

Хуан-Пабло Монтойя: Европейские гонщики слабы в плане психологии

Ex-pilot Williams and McLaren’s Juan Pablo Montoya believes that the European riders have problems with psychology.

When the correspondent of the official website of F1 asked the Colombian, who was his main rival in the Big Prizes, he said, “All pilots was strong.

I learned a lot, fighting with Ralf [Schumacher in the Williams team]. He was a fast pilot. But the European riders weak from a psychological point of view.

It is very easy to get under their skin. It was then and now.

When everything goes according to their script, they show their strength. When Lewis wins, he never stops. But if something goes wrong, they begin to take positions.

If now in F1 competition was more serious, you would have seen that would have won other people.

Michael was one of the most mentally stable pilots. I was able to get under his skin, but he was still strong.

On the other hand, Ralph was almost impossible to get ahead. But if I was able to beat Ralph on his best day, is it badly affected. We all have weaknesses, it is necessary only to detect.”

At the same time, a two-time winner of the Indy 500 finds the best modern F1 pilots Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.

“Vettel is probably one of the most complete riders. I also want to mention Fernando, which competed as a pilot of F1, said Montoya. – I think they both are the best.

Lewis does an excellent job, but he chases behind the wheel of a faster machine. It is very easy to assume that the pilot, acting on the strongest technique is the best.

But the question is, will he be able to prove himself in the best car, as Fernando and Sebastian. These racers were able to experience a period in their careers. That’s why I consider them the strongest.”

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