Johnny Herbert: In the place of Rosberg I would have left after winning the championship

Джонни Херберт: На месте Росберга я бы тоже ушёл после победы в чемпионате

Former Formula 1 driver and current Sky Sports F1 expert, johnny Herbert admitted that understands Nico Rosberg, who decided to retire after winning the championship in 2016.

“Unlike many others, I was not too surprised by the decision Niko. Of course, I’ve never been in a similar situation, but I think we have similar traits – quoted by Herbert Speed Week. – My main goal was always to win the League, so I would have done exactly the same.

After the finish of the race in Abu Dhabi Nico looked exhausted mentally and physically.

He understood that natural talent won’t be enough to beat Lewis. Some would say: “Stay and speak with champion unity at the car.” But if at the end of the season he was the second, third or fourth, they began to say: “We knew he’s not good enough”.

If he was as fast as Hamilton? Nico honestly admitted that Lewis was the benchmark. This statement seemed unexpected, given that typically the riders not talking about the fact that his teammate is the best.

Now he can spend more time with his family. Maybe in a few years he will perform at Le Mans or DTM. But I don’t think he will return to Formula 1″.

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