James Key: Toro Rosso is a very important experience of Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz

Джеймс Ки: Для Toro Rosso очень важен опыт Даниила Квята и Карлоса Сайнса

Technical Director Toro Rosso James Ki said, why for the Italian team it was important to put on the season-2017 two experienced pilots in the face of Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz.

Ki believes that the terms of the new regulations and return to cooperation with Renault STR will be able to claim fifth place in the constructors ‘ championship.

“I think we can achieve this, – said James in an interview Racer.com. – When Carlos and Max Verstappen joined the team in 2015, they were very young. Their age and talent played into the hands of both us and F1 in General. Carlos and Max have done a phenomenal job in 2015, but they still only studied.

Of course, beginners do not avoid errors, as they got acquainted with new tracks never previously performed. Them it was necessary to concentrate on their work.

In 2016, we switched pilots [Red Bull Racing] and Daniil needed adaptation. By the end of this season, he definitely managed to get comfortable. That is what we pay him: despite the difficult equator, he was able to regain his form.

I’m sure this year he will show his best form because he is now left behind all of last year’s event. If we talk about Carlos, we know what huge potential he possesses.

Season 2017 will be difficult for them, because they will have to demonstrate their competitiveness, which is very important for young pilots, if they want to Express themselves and create the potential for continuing a career.

We are happy with your pair of pilots. It is important for us that this is one of the most experienced squads in team history that will allow us to obtain rich reports on the work machine and to improve it.”

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