History in photos: Ten best cars McLaren MP4

История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4

Today it became known that McLaren has abandoned the index of the MP4, which receives cars from Woking in the era of Ron Dennis.

Car-2017 will have the name MCL32 that will mark the beginning of a new era for the legendary team.

Edition F1Fanatik.co.uk offers to remember the ten best cars marked MP4.

The new machine McLaren got the name MCL32

1981 – 1983: McLaren MP4/1 – MP4/1E
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4

The era began with MP4 MP4-1. It was the first ever F1 car, the covering of which was fully constructed from carbon fiber. First McLaren victory under the leadership of Dennis brought John Watson at the British Grand Prix-Silverstone 1981.

Version “B” of the machine were presented the following year, she won four races. The first Victoria after his return to the sport in her celebrated Niki Lauda. However, for the title from McLaren in that year, fought it, Watson, but lost the battle Keke Rosberg of Williams.

1984-86 McLaren MP4/2 and MP4/2C
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4

To the time was designed by MP4-2, McLaren switched from conventional engines Cosworth turbo engines Porsche under the brand TAG. Niki Lauda won the championship in 1984, and over the next two seasons was dominated by Alain Prost.

It is worth mentioning that McLaren was caught off guard by the new regulations from FIA, which involved the introduction of machinery with a flat head since 1983. Initially, the machine designer John Barnard and Porsche had planned to put the engine between the large tunnel, creating the necessary ground-effect, which allowed him to generate more downforce.

However, the new partnership still safely all competitors. The team from Woking have established the rules in F1: since 1984 she has won 12 of the 16 races. But even this dominance did not seem the limit after four years.

1988 McLaren MP4/4

История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4

McLaren and Honda formed a perfect partnership in 1988. After leaving Barnard to Ferrari Dennis enticed to your team from Brabham Gordon Murray, who, along with Steve Nichols has created one of the greatest cars in the history of F1 – the MP4/4.

Behind its wheel sat the greatest pilots, so the rest didn’t stand a chance. Simple and Ayrton Senna won two of 15 races out of 16 for the first time the Brazilian became world champion. This was the beginning of the Golden era of McLaren-Honda.

1989-90: McLaren MP4/5 MP4/5B
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4

After the ban on turbo engines, the Japanese manufacturer has presented a magnificent V10 engine in 1989, which allowed the McLaren drivers once again battle for the title with each other.

The relationship of Senna and Simple got corrupted after a collision at Suzuka. The title took a Simple, and then went to Ferrari. And after 12 months in the same Suzuka Ayrton returned the favor to the Frenchman crashing into a car Simple, he regained the title.

1991 McLaren MP4/6
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4
©Wouter Melissen

In 1991, Honda has decided to use the V12 engine and again it has paid off. However, this time the competition was extremely resistant: Williams-Renault imposed on McLaren-Honda a tough fight.

The bigger engine meant bigger fuel tank, which has a negative effect on the aerodynamics in this area FW14 Adrian Newey was significantly superior opponents. But in contrast, in the middle of the season McLaren has unveiled the active suspension system with adjustable ground clearance.

That was enough to the scales in a championship duel was in favour of Senna, and the Brazilian successfully defended his title. However, from this moment on, Williams has been unstoppable, and McLaren the crisis began.

1993 McLaren MP4/8
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4

The season 1992 was the last for a bunch of McLaren-Honda, after which the British team moved to client Ford motors Cosworth. It was the engine not even a top-specifications: the best units went to Benetton.

Senna, angry Simple for the fact that he vetoed the transfer of the Brazilian to Williams, was to test the new MP4/8. He was skeptical about the chances of success of the team, which lost the support of the manufacturer. But after the first fast lap on a new car Latino said Dennis: “It’s a great engine.”

The chassis also behaved very well, allowing Ayrton to keep the lead in the overall standings after the first six races. But even Senna was not able to keep a strong Williams that year. Still Ayrton finished the season with five impressive wins.

1998 McLaren MP4/13
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4

McLaren parted ways with Peugeot after one year of partnership and decided to bet on Mercedes. The first victory had to wait more than two years: she came early in the third season of collaboration, when David Coulthard won in Australia in 1997.

A year later the team came to Adrian Newey: coupled with a good supplier of rubber and change of the technical regulations this gave the opportunity for McLaren to be back on top.

Michael Schumacher fought for the championship until the last race of the season, but was defeated by Mika h? kkinen.

1999 McLaren MP4/14
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4
Simraceway Community Forums

The team from Woking have lost the key benefits that allowed her to celebrate the triumph in 1998, because Goodyear left F1. Thus, all the teams switched to Bridgestone rubber.

However, Newey was able to design a decent chassis. This ensured the superiority of the McLaren, even though Ferrari has also added significantly. In 1998, the team of Dennis scored nine victories, and in 1999 the number of Victoria was reduced to seven.

If not for a terrible accident Schumacher in Silverstone, maybe Hakkinen would have had a harder time in the fight for the championship crown.

2005 McLaren MP4/20
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4

In the early 2000s, McLaren, Mercedes and Newey has taken a radical attempt to catch up with Ferrari, however in 2003 it was decided to refuse the chosen technical directions of development of the car.

Two years later, the team finally gets a breakthrough. MP4-20 won ten races in 2005 – twice more than any other car, however, problems with the reliability of the MP4/20 was lifted to the top of the constructors ‘ championship, Renault and Fernando Alonso left not Kimi Raikkonen.

2008 McLaren MP4/23
История в фотографиях: Десятка лучших машин McLaren MP4
© McLaren

This year started for the team from Woking spy scandal: FIA MсLaren fined $ 100 million for illegal use of intellectual property of Ferrari. The new machine has been carefully verified by the FIA for evidence that McLaren could potentially use to gain an advantage over the others.

Lewis Hamilton won this car already in Australia, and the title was issued in one of the most dramatic races in F1 history at Interlagos. Lewis managed to get ahead in the overall standings, Felipe Massa of Ferrari by one point. Until now, Hamilton is the last pilot that brought the championship crown to McLaren.

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