Giancarlo Minardi: Care Manor of Formula 1 means failure of the entire system

Джанкарло Минарди: Уход Manor из Формулы 1 означает провал всей системы

The former owner of Formula 1 team Giancarlo Minardi believes that the bankruptcy of a Manor is evidence of a systemic failure in the championship and the need to revise the entire structure.

In late January, was officially confirmed that Manor will not be released at the start of season 2017 in Melbourne and so the starting grid will be reduced from 22 to 20 cars.

“Withdrawal of any team from Formula 1 means failure of the whole system, Minardi said in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – Do not forget that the current arrangement will last until 2020”.

According to Minardi, the key mistake was to switch to 1.6-litre V6 engine in 2014, which led to financial problems for a number of teams.

“In recent years Formula 1 has focused on technology, moved to a hybrid power plant, which led to a serious increase in costs, he continued. In my opinion, these technologies should be primarily used in endurance racing. F1 is primarily a sprint, fighting wheel to wheel between the riders”.

69-year-old Italian has supported the view of former FIA President max Mosley that the new technical regulations could lead the Formula 1 to a standstill.

“According to simulations, in Melbourne machine will be faster for four or five seconds sooner, he said. – But to what end? This will not affect the entertainment as spectators in the stands and at TV screens would not notice the difference”.

Of Minardi added that the new owners of Formula 1, the company, Liberty Media, must return the formula to its basics.

“I want to have more collective tests – this will help attract fans who lost interest – continued Giancarlo. – Need to get back on track and not wasting time on the simulators.

It is necessary to prohibit the practice, when engineers work remotely – both at the base and on the track.

I would remove the restriction on the development of the cars and engines and the pit stops would reduce the number of mechanics up to eight – it would make the race more interesting for the television audience. In addition to the cost reductions that would be great from the point of view of tactics”.

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