Giampaolo Dallara criticized the new regulations of F1

Джампаоло Даллара раскритиковал новый регламент Ф1

Famous engineer and designer Giampaolo Dallara criticized the new regulations of Formula 1.

“As an engineer I have no idea why they made the emphasis on downforce, – said Dallara in an interview with Italian journalist Leo Turrini. — Technically, the overtaking will be much harder, since no one will be able to follow the vehicle ahead. First we complain about the lack of entertainment in F1, then we make it worse”.

The Dallara company is widely represented in America. Even Haas, which helps with the Dallara chassis in F1, is the only American team in the tournament.

80-year-old engineer has admitted that the American and European approaches are completely opposite to each other: “As you know, we were well represented in America, because here is obsessed with the maintenance of the level of competition.

The philosophy of F1 is quite different — there have even invented a virtual safety car to keep the leads between the cars! Yes this is a clash of cultures. Don’t even ask me what is better — I better not say anything”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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