Gerhard Berger Vettel had to take to Ferrari key employees of Red Bull

Герхард Бергер: Феттелю нужно было забрать в Ferrari ключевых сотрудников Red Bull

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has underestimated the scale of the transition of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari in 1996, when decided to repeat the path of his legendary compatriot and join the Italian team two seasons ago, believes the former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger.

“Vettel misjudged the fact that in his time did Michael, said Berger in an interview with Motorsport Aktuell. – Together with Schumacher in the Ferrari passed several employees of Benetton. At that time, the Scuderia was in the same position as now.

So when leaving Vettel in the Ferrari was worth to take several key figures of Red Bull Racing”.

As for the future of Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel in the season 2017, Berger said: “I don’t think in 2017 for Ferrari that they will change dramatically. Vettel will have to make a decision.”

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