Gene Haas: We can climb one or two places higher

Джин Хаас: Мы можем подняться на одно-два места выше

The owner of Haas F1 gene Haas has spoken to the press service of the team about the first season the teams in the Big Prizes, Kevin Magnussen and objectives of the team in 2017.

On his debut season in F1: “I think we very successfully entered in F1. We have achieved all the goals. I will say that the results at the start of the campaign completely exceeded all our expectations.

Frankly, I was surprised that we managed to get points in the first race. In Melbourne we finished sixth. It’s unheard of to novice teams scored these points in his debut Grand Prix. Moreover, I believe that the race in Melbourne was the best event for Haas in 2016″.

That flashed after the decision to come to F1 in mind, “what did I walk Into?”: “Of course, the feeling present, because initially we wanted to do it all by themselves. We were going to become a full-fledged designer and make your own chassis, suspension, aerodynamics and other components. But it was incredibly difficult to implement, so we changed course and asked ourselves: “With whom can we cooperate?”

We understand that this is a very complex task and we cannot do it alone for 8-9 months. So we completely changed our strategy, which resulted in a collaboration with Ferrari”.

About goals for the season-2017: “If we can play a little better, because our business model allows us to work more efficiently, we can climb one or two positions.”

About Kevin Magnussen: “Magnussen was one of our original priorities. We talked to him, studied his racing resume, and he made a great impression. At the end of the season we asked him whether he will be available for signing the contract, to which he replied in the affirmative. In the penultimate race of the campaign in 2016 we made the final decision, and he became a member of the Haas F1”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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