Franz Toast we Need to freeze the revision of the engine of Mercedes

Франц Тост: Нужно заморозить доработку двигателя Mercedes

The boss Toro Rosso Franz Toast believes that the leadership of the F1 should allow manufacturers to catch up with Mercedes, prohibiting revision of the German engine.

Since the entry into force of the new hybrid regulations in 2014-m Mercedes did not leave virtually no chance to their rivals. In the framework of the agreement between manufacturers and the FIA to equalize the power of the engines some items were forbidden to be finalized by 2017.

For example, for generators of energy a set of minimum weight, and the diameter of the drive shaft is now also remains unchanged.

By 2018, the rules will become even stricter: the minimum weight of the system energy recovery above the minimum will be presented this year.

Since all manufacturers are gradually making progress, the Toast is sure to equalize the chance you need to take additional measures.

“I hope that sooner or later we will reach parity engines – said tost in an interview — We need to have fought for the championship at least Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari.

If we can’t achieve parity, then the FIA needs to take action and to freeze regulations. I would have done it with Mercedes allowed the others to catch up, and then would freeze the rules for everyone.

What would I have left unchanged, this revision of the battery, as it is important for the future and all.”

Toast also once again emphasized that it is necessary to introduce a limitation of the budget.

“We just need to reduce costs, — continued the head. We have several years of discussing the idea, but do not do anything. I would suggest that the limitation of the budget. Some argue that this is impossible, but this is nonsense. Toro Rosso have data on each cog, where he’s from and how much”.


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, given the regulation change, has admitted that his team chose an aggressive approach with both chassis and engine.

“These changes give the opportunity to risk, — said Toto. — We set aggressive goals both for chassis and engine, and do everything to achieve them.

We have enough of these efforts, and whether other teams can cope better than us, don’t know.

This time of year everything always regardless of the change of the rules skeptical to all the work done”.

Франц Тост: Нужно заморозить доработку двигателя Mercedes

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