Ferrari congratulated Pirelli Motorsport 110 anniversary

Ferrari поздравила Pirelli Motorsport со 110-летием

The Ferrari team congratulated Pirelli on the remarkable date – 110 years in Motorsport which Motorsport division celebrates this year.

“Now we have a lot of work. Preparation machine of 2017 is in full swing, so I could not arrive in Turin [14 Feb Pirelli introduced its sport program for the new racing season], said in a video message, the head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene. – This year changed the rules tire sizes have changed. This is a serious challenge not only for teams but also for the Pirelli engineers that demonstrate high professionalism and work closely with the stables to help make the race spectacular”.

Development Manager machine Ferrari’s Giacomo Tortora added: “We were the first who tested the wide Pirelli tyres and it was interesting. New tires look awesome. We’ve worked together with Pirelli, Red Bull and Mercedes is a great example of interaction.

The lap times in the upcoming season will decrease by a few seconds, but it is impossible to say exactly how much. Also I wonder what has been achieved by our competitors. But first and foremost we need to focus on their own tasks.”

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