Fernando Alonso While it is difficult to comment on something

Фернандо Алонсо: Пока сложно что-то комментировать

Double world champion Fernando Alonso commented on the disappointing results for themselves the first day of pre-season tests in Barcelona, which was spoiled by technical problems.

“Today we drove 29 laps, but it was more installation laps to test the systems, – quotes Alonso GPUpdate.net. – It is difficult to talk about his impressions of the car. The only conclusion that can be drawn: new cars are very quick in the turns. Nice to feel such great downforce and be able to attack stronger.”

While Alonso added that it is too early to judge the work of the power plant Honda.

“In the end we used conservative settings to slowly pick up the pace and test all systems. So, I think it is impossible now to say something about the engine, he said. Let’s hope that during this week, Honda will be able to quickly solve all the problems, and next week we’ll be close to the parameters that we will use in Australia.

But it is difficult to comment on something after the first day, considering how many problems.

We need to understand not only the technical component. Still have to adapt your driving style to new tyres and the car to achieve the maximum.

Need to learn a new steering wheel starting procedure, pit stops and a lot of other things that this year has changed due to the new tyres and the car.

But I have good experience in this regard, I have always adapted to the new cars faster than the others”.

Live text commentary from the first day of tests with photos and video can be viewed on our website.

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