Fernando Alonso was in talks with Mercedes after the departure of Nico Rosberg

Фернандо Алонсо вел переговоры с Mercedes после ухода Нико Росберга

Fernando Alonso admitted that he was negotiating with Mercedes after the departure of Nico Rosberg Formula 1.

Fernando contract with McLaren expires at the end of this year. During today’s presentation of the new McLaren chassis MCL-32 Spaniard asked when he will make a final decision about their future. Alonso said he intends to think about the season in 2018 just after the summer break.

It is worth noting that the place of the departed from the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg came Valtteri Bottas, with which so far the German team has signed a contract only for one season.

“Until August or September makes no sense to discuss the future, because I’ll be thinking about this season and how our car handles in the conditions of the new regulations, said Alonso. In such circumstances, it may be a new favorite.

When he left Rosberg, I’m in for a couple days led to some negotiations, but they did not make sense, because I was happy at McLaren.

Let’s just say, after the unexpected departure of Rosberg, Mercedes decided for obvious reasons to test all riders. A simple check, nothing special. They just wanted to know about my situation, which was extremely clear: I am pleased to McLaren-Honda and going to spend with this team for another season.”

Alonso added that with respect to the decision of Rosberg to retire from the sport, but it is unlikely to be able to so easily break up with F1.

“Each of us has his own motives and goals in life, – commented on the decision, Alonso, Rosberg. – He fought for the title several years, and in 2016 he’s managed to accomplish. Then he realized that it is best to leave the sport.

I can’t stop, for me is a drug. He had the courage to retire and start enjoying a different life.

I wish he only takes the best, but I’m a different person – I did 80 sit behind the wheel of a kart and will attack the guys at the track”.

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