Esteban Windows: Sorry, that command Manor closed

Эстебан Окон: Жаль, что команда Manor закрылась

New racer Force India Esteban Windows expressed regret about the closure of the Manor, where he spent nine races in the second half of last season.

“I’m sorry. I was very upset about the closure of Manor – quoted Windows F1Fanatic. This command gave me a chance to debut in Formula 1, and they worked great people. They have made enormous efforts to achieve good results.

After the race in Brazil I was upset, because I tried to do everything, risked and ultimately lost the opportunity to earn points. It is sad that Manor will not be on the starting grid, because the team really deserved it. I really hope that the employees will find work and will remain in Formula 1″.

The Frenchman shared his thoughts about the decision Nico Rosberg to retire from Formula 1 after winning the championship in 2016.

“I think he will be missed in the paddock,’ said Windows. – He’s a great rider but most importantly he’s an amazing person. We often talked, and Nico gave me good advice. So sorry he is gone, but I understand his decision and I think we should respect his action.”

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