Esteban Windows in the Winter had to force myself to eat to gain weight

Эстебан Окон: Зимой приходилось заставлять себя есть, чтобы набрать вес

New racer Force India Esteban Windows admitted that in recent months, forced myself through it to the eve of the season-2017 to gain weight necessary taking into account the physical requirements of driving new cars.

In connection with the higher cornering speeds of the pilots will require more physical strength and as said the Frenchman, in the offseason he gained five pounds.

“I was sitting on the protein diet to gain muscle mass. It was hard, and I actually had to force myself to eat, – quotes the AUTOSPORT window. – I was doing cardio for nine hours a week, ten hours spent in the gym”.

To the question about the first time if he had to pay attention to its weight, Blocker, which is one of the tallest riders in the peloton, said: “Not really. Last year my weight was on the limit, although I am very thin.

This year there is no such restriction, and the team decided it’s more important to feel good in the car, than to be underweight and to have difficulties in piloting”.

In previous years heavy racers of Formula 1 was at a disadvantage compared to its lighter rivals. However, with the new rules they should now be equal.

“Now there will be more opportunities for self-development. You spend more time in the gym and eat when I want. That’s good. Everyone will feel a lot better”, added Windows.

Renault racer Jolyon Palmer said that over the winter also deliberately put on a few pounds.

“I began to eat more, but eat healthy food, – said the Briton. This is the first offseason, during which I needed to gain weight. I gained three to four pounds – mostly muscle mass.

I spent a lot of time in the gym, worked hard themselves. I wonder how this will help the wheel”.

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