Eric boullier: F1 needs to look closely to the active suspension

Эрик Булье: Ф1 должна присмотреться к активной подвеске

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge suggested to stop arguing and to return the active suspension system.

Since the beginning of 1994, this technology is not used in the Formula 1, but it was discussed in the meeting of technical Directors and the FIA last week after the letter designer Simone Resta Ferrari to comment on the legality of the suspension of the Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, reminiscent of a forbidden system FRIC.

Boullier is confident that the legalization of active suspension, which was an important element to the success of Williams in the seasons 1992 and 1993, may finally put an end to this discussion.

“Ridiculous, of course, to discuss the suspension, said Bulle. — May we have the sense to copy the active suspension with a stock car just because it will end the debate.

Today everything depends on the interpretation of the rules. You can insist on your vision, which is different from someone else. That’s why Ferrari is trying to push their opinions to the FIA. Many teams have contacted us on this issue, because right now all the debates in the process.

Ferrari has their own opinion about what is possible and impossible, and the other teams didn’t like that she tries to impose on him.”

Also boullier added that he expects surprises in connection with changes in the rules: “Some teams better adapt to aerodynamic changes than others, so the beginning of the season will not be without surprises.

But then everyone will copy each other, even to integrate someone else’s concepts with their own, and then appear the breaks. However, I am sure that they will not be as substantial”.

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