Ekrem Sami is leaving McLaren after 35 years of service

Экрем Сами уходит из McLaren после 35 лет работы

The team McLaren continue a major reshuffle that started after the dismissal of Ron Dennis from the post of Executive Director at the end of last year.

For the past several months, alternately walking left Jost Capito and team Manager David Redding. Today it became known that also goes Ekrem Sami who worked at McLaren for almost 35 years.

“Admit it feels a little weird announcing his departure from McLaren, the company to which I dedicated most of his professional life, declared Themselves for the past years head of the marketing Department. During these 35 years I have worked with some really wonderful people, and I want to tell them thank you. Together we have achieved great success.”

Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown added: “Ekrem will forever remain a McLaren man. His dedication and approach to work is incredible, and for me it was a great honor to work with him not only as colleagues at McLaren, but as his close associate during my work at Just Marketing International.

Together we have achieved much. I can admit that learned a lot from him. It would be extremely difficult to find a person who works more than he does.

Given all this, I am sure that he will succeed in any field. Of course, we’ll keep in touch, but I will miss him as a colleague. We all wish him the best.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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