David Coulthard, ricciardo and Verstappen – riders of the same level

Дэвид Култхард: Риккардо и Ферстаппен – гонщики одного уровня

Former racer Red Bull Racing David Coulthard is confident that between the current RBR pilots Daniel ricciardo and max Verstappen no significant difference in the level of racing skill.

“I don’t consider their statements as a struggle with one another, said Coulthard. – Of course, they compete, but Max is not better than Daniel, and Daniel is no better max. They are both exceptional.

In Formula 1 all riders are good, but not enough. Need to give exceptional results. Daniel has already shown his excellent skills in qualifying and when overtaking, while Max was struck by its stability race performances and ability to resist misfortunes of fate.”

Coulthard added that the race in the performance of max in Abu Dhabi and Brazil showed how it’s great: “In Abu Dhabi, he was able to realize the strategy of one pit stop. In Brazil in the rain he had chosen such path, which no one would use it, but he did everything. He is brave and clever – two qualities together and you have Superman.”

Coulthard agreed that the rate of progress Verstappen higher than ricciardo, but the new cars this year can change things.

“Formula 1 should become much more demanding from a physical point of view, and one that can fit more than another, because each racer has its own peculiarities of piloting, due to which it is ahead of rivals,” explained Coulthard.

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