Damon hill Liberty Media, like the administration of the tramp, have a lot to learn

Деймон Хилл: Liberty Media, как и администрации Трампа, нужно многое узнать

World champion 1996 Damon hill believes that the new owners of Formula 1, the company’s Liberty Media, have a lot to learn about your purchase before you carry out any reforms.

“Liberty Media is now in the same situation as the administration of U.S. President Donald trump. I think they have a lot to learn, – quotes the hill Speed Week. I’m sure they are not naive kids, but previously they had nothing to do with Formula 1. But if you want to change something in F1, you need details to understand it. Will take a few years to look around and understand participants”.

You see Liberty Media, a pig in a poke they bought?

Liberty Media has said about the need for the introduction of the limit of the budgets in the championship, but hill does not understand this.

“How the hell are they going to control costs? I don’t think this is possible. This may sound harsh, but this is the sport – continued the Briton. – Coming to a stage like Motorsport, you have to understand its rules. One of the rules States that you should not rely on others for help.

The problem of the distribution of the prize has always existed. Some teams have always received more favorable terms than others. Looks like they are in a privileged position. This is especially true Ferrari”.

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