Cyril Abitbul: In the season 2017 Renault have no excuse

Сирил Абитбуль: В сезоне-2017 у Renault не будет оправданий

Executive Director of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul believes that the team will have no excuses if from the beginning of season 2017 will not be able to join in the fight in the middle of the peloton.

In the championship last year, the French stable has taken the ninth place in the constructors ‘ championship, just ahead of Sauber and Manor.

“In my opinion, a good thing that this year has updated the rules because we have no excuse if at the beginning of the season we find ourselves in the middle group, – quotes AUTOSPORT Abimbola. But to catch up with the top teams, will still take time. We need to develop the infrastructure, because we must admit that leaders are progressing faster than we are.”

Last year, the minders Renault made a big step forward in the refinement of the engine, and, according to the team’s technical Director Bob bell, it became possible including thanks to the new approach.

“They have become more disciplined and confident in what to expect from updates on a real track, said bell. – Sometimes it so happens that the modification adds power to the engine on the dynamometer, but when installed on the chassis, the opposite occurs.

For example, if the engine becomes more powerful, but in the process very hot, it is necessary to increase the size of the radiator, and it no longer gives such a gain.

But now we know exactly what to expect.”

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