Cyril Abitbul: I Hope in the future Nico will be associated with Renault

Сирил Абитбуль: Надеюсь, в будущем Нико Хюлькенберга будут ассоциировать с Renault

Executive Director of Renault, Cyril Abitbul hoped that in the future Nico will associate with the French manufacturer.

German for season 2017 will be the debut in the part of Renault, but the team already want to become the face of the brand.

“We are delighted with the signing of Nico, as we needed just such a racer – quoted Abimbola We wanted to get an experienced pilot, who gave a fight in the youth series Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

However, it is not associated with a large manufacturer or a top team. People say that he has not proved his strength, but for us this is a great opportunity. Nico is a great pilot. He will have a chance to prove himself because he is involved in a long term project.

We can make him a real Ambassador of Renault. We are able to form a powerful cooperation – exactly the same, what have Lewis and Mercedes. There is also the example of Sebastian Vettel, who is still associated with Red Bull Racing.

I think that if we succeed, in the future, Niko will associate with Renault. But first, we need to efficiently perform my job.”

Also Cyril said that none of the pilots, with whom Renault had negotiated regarding the contract in 2017, did not deny the French team.

There is information that on a place in the team was claimed by Valtteri Bottas, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz.

“I think that people are misinformed the public when he said that some pilots have rejected an offer by Renault – continued Abitbul. – I can guarantee you that none of the riders were not rejected suggestions Renault.

I would even say: some riders contacted us and said that they are willing to negotiate. I wish everyone knew this because many have said that the Renault project is not sufficiently attractive to riders.

They argued that we lack ambition and financial resources. It’s not true. Frankly, we considered many candidates, but Nico was one of the priority objectives. We are happy that he joined the team.”

Recall that partner Hulkenberg in the coming season will be Jolyon Palmer.

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