Coach Alonso for physical training: Fernando is in the best shape of your life

Тренер Алонсо по физической подготовке: Фернандо находится в лучшей форме в своей жизни

The physical trainer Edo Bendinelli said that McLaren-Honda’s Fernando Alonso is in great shape.

The objective of EDI is to prepare two-time world champion to a new era of F1 in which cars will pass the circles for 4-5 seconds faster, which will have a substantial burden on riders.

“I can tell you that Fernando is in his better form, – said in an interview Bendinelli – He is strong and motivated like never before.

I’m sure if the car will match the level of Alonso, he will be able not only to go to the limit that he always does, but will squeeze the absolute maximum. That is its main advantage.

We carry out a fruitful exercise: aerobics, weight bearing, etc. He needed to become stronger in every sense before the new season. In addition, now we focus on the so-called functional training level of 2005-2006, which he did when he was 25 years old.

If in previous years it was just enough to train, now we’re doing the load +10-15 lbs. This is a very serious exercise.

Fernando ill sports. He trains regularly. He has 15 years of experience of playing at the highest level, so everything is easy to him”.

Bendinelli coached the Spanish rider since 2002 and is considered one of the best Italian coaches in physical training.

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