Claire Williams: We have approached the limitation of the budget

Клэр Уильямс: Нам бы подошло ограничение бюджета

Deputy head Williams Claire Williams is confident that the rule is budget constraints would benefit her team.

Even before the 2010 season, former FIA President Max Mosley thought about the introduction of a system of budget constraints, however, this idea was never implemented.

Recently, the new Executive Director of McLaren Zac brown admitted that the restriction of budgets would benefit Formula 1.

The new owner of the commercial rights of the championship Corporation Liberty Media just at the moment, considering how to make use of the money in F1 is more effective.

While the Ferrari budget is 330 million pounds, Williams is forced to make do with 105 million.

“Liberty already discussed ways to make income distribution more equitable in Formula 1 that the sport flourished and developed, – said Williams at the SPOBIS summit in Germany. — Williams the budget of the average person, because we are an independent team.

If the income distribution is more equitable, we like the middle it will be quite at hand. In such circumstances, we add, whereas the top teams will have to reduce expenses or even dismiss a number of employees.

I’d rather discuss the idea with everyone.”

The main change while Liberty was the resignation of Bernie Ecclestone as head of management F1.

Williams praised Bernie for 40-year career in F1: “All were concerned with the question whether Ecclestone to keep the place after the transaction. In the end, Bernie will not now be involved in management.

He deservedly was given the position of honorary President, but we don’t know what it means.

The current form of F1 – Bernie full merit. He did a phenomenal job. The F1 audience is now much wider than many other sports, and thanks to sponsorship contracts, the championship earns hundreds of millions per season. No one should belittle the merits of Bernie’s”.

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