Claire Williams: Two years ago I made a promise to Bottas not to stand in his way

Клэр Уильямс: Два года назад я пообещала Боттасу не стоять у него на пути

Deputy head Williams Claire Williams said that in 2015, after the failed transition of Valtteri Bottas in a Ferrari, promised Finn in the future not to interfere with the possibility to be in a top team.

In early January it was officially confirmed that the team from grove dismissed his driver in the Mercedes on the place of the retired Nico Rosberg.

However, two years ago, when Bottas was interested in Ferrari, Williams proved to be less compliant.

“Valtteri has been an important part of Williams. He feels a fiery passion for racing – it wants to see the team in its pilot, because all he wants is to be driving the best car and win, – quotes Williams AUTOSPORT. When you have a racer, and you know what he seeks, what’s the point to keep his power? It is not necessary to do.

Once, when Valtteri was able to move to Ferrari, we stood in his way. After that, I promised him that I will never disturb him. I keep my promises.

He had a tremendous opportunity. It will be interesting to see how Williams will perform in the upcoming season.”

Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff in his interview to Italian media reports a month ago said that “Silver arrows” made a financial contribution in return to the Williams of Felipe Massa.

Williams assured that the deal to buy contract, Bottas was done primarily in the interests of the team.

“We are convinced that this will benefit us, she said. – I have full confidence in the decision. I think we did everything right, and I have no regrets.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I always act in the best interests of the team. Everyone knows how important to me the team as I love her and want to return to the top.

I look forward to resuming work with Felipe and see the fire in his eyes. There is no pressure. He’s got the right attitude, and he intends to have fun.”

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