Claire Williams Most of the riders available to replace Bottas was not even 25 years

Клэр Уильямс: Большинству доступных гонщиков на замену Боттасу не было даже 25 лет

Deputy head Williams Claire Williams acknowledged that the requirements of title sponsor Martini has complicated the team’s search for a replacement for Valtteri Bottas.

The unexpected decision of the world champion in 2016 Nico Rosberg to retire put in the uncomfortable position of not only Mercedes, but the team from grove. Bottas was initially considered one of the favorites in the place of the German, but Williams needed to find an adequate replacement, including satisfying the requirement of the Martini – that at least one of the pilots were older than 25 years. In the end, back to the team Felipe Massa, last fall, announcing his departure from the championship.

“Shortly after the announcement of Niko called me Toto Wolff, – quotes Williams F1i. At that time we had signed agreements with Valtteri Bottas and lance Stroller, so it seemed that everything was solved. But the development of events associated with the departure of Rosberg, it’s put us all in a difficult position.

Williams had to have the courage to let go of Felipe Massa

When was the last time it came to future Champions, the name Bottas is often mentioned in this context. Valtteri became very close to our team in previous years. We wanted to give him a better car so he can fight for victory, but I’m glad he’ll get his chance in the Mercedes.

The problem is that most of the available racers were not even 25 years old. Therefore, those six weeks turned out intense for us.

It was not boring. Actually it’s always after the season, because the preparation for the championship next year starts almost immediately. But this time things were a little different.”

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