Christian Horner: We are like a Swan, paddling furiously with his paws under water

Кристиан Хорнер: Мы как лебедь, яростно гребущий лапами под водой

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner told what the aims of the Renault, giving the engine ahead of the new season.

After the problems of 2015, the French manufacturer was able to achieve substantial progress in 2016, having won two victories and finishing second in the constructors ‘ championship.

Horner has repeatedly stressed that if Renault will reduce the backlog from Mercedes to 3%, his team will compete for the championship with the Anglo-German team.

“This year, Renault will introduce a completely new engine – said Horner. They successfully worked this winter. I hope that with the increase in power we will become formidable competitors Mercedes and Ferrari.

Mercedes, three – time Champions, they are difficult to overcome, since they have raised the bar. But we aspire to this level.

We have a stable team, great riders and a positive attitude in anticipation of the beginning of the season.”

Horner admitted he was pleased with the team’s preparation for the first preseason tests this year.

“Pre-season time is always stressful and demanding, – continued the head. – His work we recall the calm Swan, who furiously rowing feet under water, and so every offseason. But we are focused on results.

First check out the car on the track – always a worrying moment. All of us want to see how the car is returned after the baptism of fire back to the pits.

The tests all follow the times of the competitors, fuel loading, simulation race, and so forth, although it is generally irrelevant.

Most importantly – focus on your own program and fully implement the plan. In Melbourne all the time still changes.

Of course, it is interesting to observe the test routine, but in the last five years, we have learned not to get distracted and think only about their work.”

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