Christian Horner: the Problem can not be called serious

Кристиан Хорнер: Проблемы нельзя назвать серьёзными

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner told about the technical problems that prevented the team during the morning session, when Daniel ricciardo stopped in the fourth turn.

“We had some minor problems, a problem occurred with battery, sensor in the engine, but the team made every possible effort to eliminate them, – quotes Horner Sky Sports F1. At least the problem can not be called serious, which is encouraging.

Nice to see that the other cars with the same engine drove a good distance”.

Horner also spoke about the purpose of the interesting design of the front fairing of the machine RB13.

“Obviously, the main purpose is cooling – there are many different interpretations of things of this kind, he said. – I wonder how other teams interpreted the rules.”

In early January, Ferrari filed an official request to the FIA to clarify how legitimate the suspension system of the Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, influencing the aerodynamics of the car. But Horner does not see any problems.

“We believe that we interpreted the rules correctly – explained Horner. – Around this theme was a lot of hype. If this is indeed illegal, then the stewards will consider the matter at the Grand Prix of Australia.

We believe that fully complies with all the rules, and we have documentation confirming the FIA.

It is impossible to do more than allow rules. Unfortunately, in the regulations of Formula 1 there are grey areas which inevitably are exploited”.

As for the rules team for Daniel ricciardo and max Verstappen, Horner said: “the Rules are the same as last year. They represent the team and well aware of it. When is everyone also speaks for itself and is interested in the struggle in the championship.

We will give them the opportunity to fight, but they have to respect each other and not to forget about the team.

Last year they showed respect to each other and work together well. Of course, in the upcoming season will be difficult moments, but we will understand.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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