Bookmakers named the main applicant for a title-2017

Букмекеры назвали главного претендента на титул-2017

The main contender for the title-2017 bookmakers admitted Lewis Hamilton.

After the departure of world champion Nico Rosberg out of the sport, this situation does not seem surprising, in addition, not all believe that the new regulations will put an end to the dominance of Mercedes.

In the factor that Lewis will be the champion is 2.25 — and that’s even before the start of the season.

But who plays after Hamilton? According to the bookmakers, the British, are both drivers Red Bull Racing: Max Verstappen (4,5) and Daniel ricciardo (5,5). Only in fourth place is the new Hamilton’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas ratio of 6.0.

Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari is located behind the Finn in fifth place and after him Fernando Alonso (30).

Ladbrokes have provided a few other quotes: Hamilton all the leader with a factor of 2.25, followed by Verstappen, but with a ratio of 4.0, Riccardo — 4,5, Bottas — 5 and Vettel is 15.

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