Bentley considering an entry into F1?

В Bentley рассматривают возможность вступления в Ф1?

It is likely that Bentley was considering an entry into Formula 1.

A year ago, President and CEO of Bentley Motors and Bugatti, Wolfgang Dyurhaymer said that the arrival in F1 is not on the agenda of the brand.

Moreover, he criticized the former management of sport and rebuked F1 in unstable regulations, which could not provide clarity on the future Prizes.

However, with the advent of the Big Prizes Liberty Media from F1 expect changes for the better that could potentially attract on the starting grid for new manufacturers.

Recently, the German media asked Wolfgang what he now thinks about joining Bentley in F1, and he said, “We are discussing this option.”

And yet such a scenario is unlikely, because Bentley is the brand of the manufacturer Volkswagen, which has recently been winding down its racing program because of the scandal with the release into the atmosphere of harmful gases.

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