Arif Rahimov: the Promoters of the Grand Prix should work with Liberty Media to improve F1

Ариф Рагимов: Промоутеры Гран При должны работать с Liberty Media, чтобы улучшить Ф1

Executive Director of Baku City Circuit Arif Rahimov believes that the promoters of the Grand Prix F1 needs to unite and help the new owner of the commercial rights Liberty Media to make the sport better.

“Honestly, it is very difficult to say what will happen, – quotes Rahimov on ESPN. New management had just taken up his duties. Take time to ensure that they have defined for themselves what they want to change and what to implement in F1.

I think that the small changes we will see this year. They will be introduced gradually.

As for me, I have not talked with the new management. Think it would be great to organize a meeting of all promoters, to represent all the potential changes, which would benefit as the promoters and the sport. Yes, the Association of promoters of F1 exists, but we so never and have not met to discuss new opportunities.

I can say that we have not used all the commercial aspects of racing, which could use. I mean the sponsorship program beyond the highway: commercial activities occur far not at each stage. I think it would have brought additional benefits as a promoter, and F1.

I heard that they are planning to expand the racing weekend, turning it into a festival week for each country and city that takes the GP. I think it’s right to give the audience a better return for their money. But all this cannot change in one day. It will take time.”

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