Arif Rahimov: On the road to Baku plays a big role in the confidence of riders

Ариф Рагимов: На трассе в Баку большую роль играет уверенность гонщиков

Executive Director of Baku City Circuit Arif Rahimov believes that the reason for boring the debut race in Baku in 2016, has become overly conservative approach of the pilots.

If the GP2 support race was full of incidents, meetings and visits of the safety car, Formula 1 Grand Prix, contrary to expectations, was fairly easy. The checkered flag saw 18 out of 22 racers, and all four gathering happened for technical reasons.

But Baku is not worried about a repeat of this scenario in the race to 2017, which will be held June 25.

The offseason in Baku – preparation for a new stage

“As example, you can take the race in Sochi, which in the first year was also boring – there were no accidents, nothing, – quotes AUTOSPORT Ragimov. I’m not saying that the track was boring. No, it’s a great track, but the debut race was uninteresting, and the same thing happened to us last year.

For the second year of the race in Sochi turned out spectacular. Primarily, this was due to the fact that the riders felt confident.

In Baku route does not forgive mistakes, so the confidence of the pilots here much depends. So we have huge potential for a spectacular show.”

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