Antonio Giovinazzi will be replaced by Pascal Wehrlein on the tests

Антонио Джовинацци заменит Паскаля Верляйна на тестах

Antonio Giovinazzi will be replaced by Pascal Wehrlein at the wheel of the new Sauber car at the upcoming F1 tests in Barcelona.

Wehrlein was forced to cancel their participation in the tests after the accident in Race of Champions last month.

“We decided that Pascal would not participate in the first pre-season tests in Barcelona – said the head of the team Moniz, Kaltenborn. We intend to monitor its recovery and on the basis of the results of medical checks will take a decision”.

While it is not known whether Wehrlein to recover by the second preseason tests.

Vice-champion of GP2 Antonio Giovinazzi, recently became a reserve driver at Ferrari, will replace Wehrlein at least on the first tests.

“I am grateful to Sauber for something that made such a possibility real and Ferrari for allowing me to replace Pascal in the first tests in Barcelona,” said Giovinazzi.

Wehrlein admitted that, despite the fact that it will not participate in the tests, still coming to Barcelona.

“Sorry I can’t get behind the wheel of the first test day, said Wehrlein. – However, I’ll still be in Barcelona to get used to all procedures in the team and to follow a C36”.

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