Anthony Hamilton – Valtteri bottas to: Lewis can finish careers of other riders

Энтони Хэмилтон – Валттери Боттасу: Льюис может заканчивать карьеры других гонщиков

The father of three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, Anthony reminded to Valtteri Bottas that his son is able to complete the careers of other riders.

Anthony hints at Nico Rosberg. The German, who won the title at the end of 2016, almost immediately decided to retire.

Place Niko in the Mercedes took Bottas signatories to one-year contract with the team.

The father and former Manager Hamilton believes that Valtteri will have to fight with the pilot, who is in peak form.

“Anyone who intends to challenge Lewis needs to think carefully about their decisions, because the transition team Lewis can lead to the completion of a career pilot, said Anthony Hamilton in an interview with Sky Sports. – Despite the fact that he is getting older, he’s still not reached the peak of his career.

In 2017 Lewis will be the force with which others will have to reckon”.

Last season Hamilton Rosberg lost five points. This is only the second case out of ten, when the British lost the team battle.

After the departure of Rosberg, Hamilton will not be able to take revenge from his former partner. However, Anthony says that his son doesn’t think about it.

“Lewis thinks only about how to win, said Hamilton senior. He’s happy for Nico, as we all are. We know it already a long time ago: Nico worked incredibly hard for this victory.

For a long season rider require luck, and she smiled Rosberg. On the other hand, I believe that Lewis just wants to regain the title which is rightfully his”.

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