Analysis: will battle for the championship transition to Red Bull Racing for products of ExxonMobil?

Анализ: Повлияет ли на чемпионскую битву переход Red Bull Racing на продукцию ExxonMobil?

The fuel is gradually becoming the critical battleground among engine manufacturers in F1. This means that the transition Red Bull Racing at ExxonMobil may affect the championship battle.

The new fuel supplier for the Red Bull Racing will become ExxonMobil

At the moment, a bunch of Mercedes and Petronas is the benchmark for all in the Big Prizes, however, in the camp RBR implying rapid progress in cooperation with the new fuel partner.

On signing of the contract with ExxonMobil, which for a long period he worked with McLaren, it was announced only in December 2016.

Technology Manager Motorsport division, ExxonMobil’s Bruce Crawley believes that the parties have worked together very quickly due to the fact that the company has a huge experience with other V6 engines, namely Mercedes and Honda, which used a McLaren.

“We believe that the cooperation was successful, – quotes Crowley. – Our fuel works well with the engine, creating a competitive advantage. We are pleased with the first results of the joint program and are now trying to add more.

The main challenge for us is to determine how “greedy” will be the engine in respect of fuel and oil.

We are present in F1 for more than 35 years, so have seen a huge number of architectures of the engines. In RBR was interested in working with us because they saw our achievements in the form of an increase in speed.

They want to win the championship this year, which is the key to our technological partnerships. We are here to help them in this.”

Анализ: Повлияет ли на чемпионскую битву переход Red Bull Racing на продукцию ExxonMobil?

Despite the fact that RBR and ExxonMobil have started talks on the technical plans for the future last year, close collaboration began only recently because of the impossibility of disclosure of trade secrets, and because the upgraded Renault engine just a few weeks ago started to undergo tests on a chassis dynamometer.

“It would be great if we had six months, but we have to work in tight deadlines. This is the main difficulty – continued Crowley. – Our work is extremely important information. That’s why now in the calculations we rely mainly on our own experience and the data received on the first day of joint work.

We need to develop a plan to move in a given direction.

I can say that from the point of view of consumption of this engine is significantly different from the Honda. And the Honda engine, in turn, very different from Mercedes.

This is the third engine that we work with in the era of hybrid V6, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that all units are different, because each of them is used differently, they have different mechanical structure and they are constructed from different materials.

All these factors significantly affect the work of oil and fuel. Moreover, I would be very surprised if they were all the same.”

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