A former designer of Manor: New rules, only makes it worse

Бывший конструктор Manor: Новый регламент только всё ухудшит

A former designer of Manor, Toro Rosso and McLaren Onion, Furbetta admitted that the new regulations not only can not solve the problems, but, on the contrary, exacerbate them.

The Italian believes that the new rules will again be beneficial only for teams with a bigger budget and opportunities.

“The chassis of the Mercedes and Red Bull will always be better than those whose resources are more modest, said Furbetta Italian journalist Luo Turrini. — Higher downforce and grip will make the gaps between teams is even more significant, although all hope to the contrary.”

In addition, Furbetta do not agree that next year the aerodynamics will play a bigger role than engine power.

“Change for the better should not wait, continued the designer. — All time. Car-the 2017 big part of the circle will be at full power, so the advantage those who have a more powerful motor, would be undeniable.

I think the victory will go to either Mercedes or Red Bull. Under the leadership of Adrian Newey RBR has always built a great chassis, while the Mercedes perfectly balanced car with the best engine in the peloton.

However, surprises can also take place with the new regulations.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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