Zach brown: McLaren supports the introduction of budget constraints

Зак Браун: McLaren поддерживает внедрение бюджетных ограничений

Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown said that the team fully supports the idea of integration for F1 teams budget constraints.

In 2010, this idea was lobbied by the then President of the FIA Max Mosley, but then she never come true.

“I support the idea of limiting budgets, which will help to balance the economic distribution of funds from the first to the last team on the starting grid, – said Zack in an interview – Such teams as McLaren, Williams and Ferrari give this sport more than others, but if every year one of the teams will come under administrative control, as a Manor, it does not contribute to the improvement of the sport.

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Lotus Renault was sold for one dollar. I’ve never heard of a football or basketball team was sold for one dollar, because they know how to run your business.

We need to cut spending and balance the flow of money to earn all he could”.

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Previously, Zach was talking about the need to engage in a McLaren title sponsor in 2018. However, even brown admits that the current structure of expenditures in F1 implies a decrease in financial participation title sponsor in the team’s life.

“You heard what I said to Ron [Dennis] a year ago: “In F1 there is no such term as title sponsor”. He was referring to that earlier title sponsor covers 50% of the costs of the team, continued brown. But now costs are so increased that not a single title sponsor will not cover the half of your account.

In F1 now no sponsors for 150 million pounds. In recent years the level of expenditure exceeded the value of speeches in F1. We spend too much money”.

Зак Браун: McLaren поддерживает внедрение бюджетных ограничений

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