Zach brown: Ecclestone has made a huge contribution to the development of F1

Зак Браун: Экклстоун сделал огромный вклад в развитие Ф1

Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown one of the first paid tribute to Bernie Ecclestone, who in the night from 23 to 24 January resigned as head of management F1.

After Liberty Media acquired 100% of the commercial rights of F1, Ecclestone formally appointed an honorary Director of Big Prizes.

Liberty Media finalized the acquisition of the Formula 1

“Without the generous contribution of Bernie Ecclestone that F1 would never have become such a global sporting platform, which is today, – quotes the words of brown – Not think of any one person who would have invested in this sport as much as Bernie.

He created a fantastic springboard from which your journey will begin chase Carey and his colleagues at Liberty Media. And we – McLaren – will try to help them all I can. Moreover, we have developed an excellent relationship with this company.

As will now be managed by the F1? I think that all lies in a nutshell – liberty (freedom) and the media. I expect that in the next ten years, the sport becomes easier and there will be more to win over fans.

It is obvious that Liberty Media needs to work with the fans, but today we should all pay tribute to Bernie and thank him for everything.”

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