What to expect in the new era of Formula 1?

Чего стоит ждать от новой эры Формулы 1?

Technical regulations have been completely revised so that the car generated much more downforce. In turn, this should noticeably improve the entertainment. I will have another appearance: the width of the front wing will increase from 1650 mm to 1800 mm, and the car is from 1800 mm to 2000 mm. Rear wing lowered to 800 mm, 950 mm, while the diffuser will be located above instead of 125 mm at a height of 175 mm, and will continue to increase, will increase from 1000 mm to 1050 mm.

Side pontoons also expanded: now the limit is 1600 mm instead of 1400 mm, as before. The weight of cars has risen from 720 to 722 pounds.

Wider tires
Чего стоит ждать от новой эры Формулы 1?

The biggest changes affected new tires, which were 25 percent wider in comparison with the season of 2016: the front tires are now wide are 305 mm instead of 245, and the rear — 405 is 325 mm.

Official postwwii Pirelli rubber thoroughly prepared for these changes, having the tests on modified cars 2015, courtesy of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. All data collected were transferred to other teams, and for all test sessions was used 96 prototypes. The first five stages each rider will be given the same set of sets of rubber, but with Monaco everyone will be able to choose compounds in the ratio.

Changes of the power plant
Чего стоит ждать от новой эры Формулы 1?

In Formula 1, still will use 1.6-litre V6 engine, however some changes are still there. Now it will be impossible to take stock of several engines on one of the Grand Prix and serve at once a huge fine. From now on, the rider can only use the last element of the line embedded at a time.

Was also abolished the system of tokens used since the beginning of 2014. At the same time, the cost of propulsion for teams of customers has been reduced by one million euros per season. Besides, now manufacturers may be required to provide the power plant teams, if they are left without a provider. Also the number of permitted power units for the season was reduced from five to four.

Other teams and individuals all the same…
Чего стоит ждать от новой эры Формулы 1?

Mercedes needs to soon announce the contract with Valtteri Bottas, who will replace the departed F1 after winning the title, Nico Rosberg. Ironically, in place of Bottas in the Williams coming Felipe Massa, who announced at the Grand Prix of Italy in 2016, on his retirement from the sport.

Nico Hulkenberg also decided to give another chance to her career and has moved from Force India at Renault, and in the Indian team, in turn, will act Esteban Windows, who spent ten races at the Manor last season.

Kevin Magnussen will partner Romain Grosjean at Haas, and thus, so far, only in the Manor left two vacant seats.

Beginners Stoffel Vandorn and lance Stroll
Чего стоит ждать от новой эры Формулы 1?

Stoffel made his debut last year at the Bahrain Grand Prix in the composition of McLaren-Honda, but the season-2017 will be his first full Formula 1. GP2 champion ended last season in the Japanese Superformula in fourth place.

Lance Stroll goes to Williams in the status of champion of F3. 18-year-old canadian earned 14 victories in the composition of Prema, and also ran some tests while driving Williams 2014. Before Strolla tasked to prove that he succeeded, and got into F1 because of talent and not of substantial financial support.

Expiring contracts
Чего стоит ждать от новой эры Формулы 1?

Season transitions will begin in 2017 early due to expiring agreements of Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. Three-year contracts, the German and the Spaniard, signed in the end of 2014, with Ferrari and McLaren-Honda will be completed in late 2017. Alonso has already admitted that he will decide on his future only after testing the new cars in 2017.

As for Vettel, because of problems in 2016, his relationship with the team slightly darkened. The future of Kimi Raikkonen in the Ferrari, too, remains in question.

Liberty Media
Чего стоит ждать от новой эры Формулы 1?

Recently in F1 was the most serious political upheaval for several years: it was replaced by the owner of the commercial rights. Liberty Media is ready to acquire hundred percent stake in F1 parent company Delta Topco.

Liberty announced its plans last September, and later it became known about purchase of 18.7 percent of the shares for cash. 17 January 2017, shareholders will be able to vote and make a final decision on the deal.

Also still need approval from the FIA, however, the Corporation intends to complete the transaction by the end of the first quarter – and then have to manifest the necessary changes.

In addition, in 2017 in the FIA elections of the President of the Federation. Jean Todt, elected in 2009-m to year, has not yet decided whether to run for a third time.

What else is new?

The race was held in Baku in 2016 under the emblem of the Grand Prix of Europe, but in season 2017 there will be the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

Due to financial problems the organizers of the Grand Prix of Germany, the German stage will not be present in the championship, so the number of races will be reduced from 21 to 20.

After many critics starts in the rain behind the safety car it was decided to start from the place as soon as the track will meet all safety standards, even if initially the start was made behind the safety car.

Racers were given some concessions in the choice of the design of the helmet: one race, the pilot can choose a special design and also allows for a complete change of coloring pages, if a driver changes team mid-season.

Чего стоит ждать от новой эры Формулы 1?

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