Video and explanation of the accident by Pascal Wehrlein in Race of Champions

Видео и объяснение аварии Паскаля Верляйна на Гонке чемпионов

Protege Mercedes Pascal Wehrlein said that was the cause of his serious accident at the Race of Champions after a collision with Felipe Massa.

Fortunately, neither Wehrlein nor his passenger were not injured. The accident occurred at the finish of the group stage, when the Mass ahead of the German driving three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot. Wehrlein hit the TechPro barriers separating the two lanes finish line, then he hooked the Ground and flew into the air, landing on the barriers.

Видео и объяснение аварии Паскаля Верляйна на Гонке чемпионов

“I think in the end of the straight I ran into the wheel of Felipe, so we went over, said Wehrlein. — Most importantly, it’s all right. Crash is definitely shocked us.

First, I hit a barrier right front wheel, then flew Felipe. I guess I too stared at Felipe, so I missed the barriers.

I have not received any shock, the speed was not too high. But, of course, all shocked. Most importantly, nobody got hurt.”

Massa admitted that he was frightened by the incident: “We finished the race, I was driving on my side. Maybe he’s got something broke, and then threw it into my lane. The incident looked serious, because he came off well”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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