Toto Wolff: No need to mess with something that works

Тото Вольф: Не нужно ломать то, что работает

Head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff has shared his thoughts on the arrival of the new owners of the Formula 1 company, Liberty Media, and warned that it is not necessary to change everything at once.

“Ending the era of Bernie Ecclestone – a momentous event – said wolf in an interview with the official Mercedes website. –I really wonder what the future will bring. But one thing is certain: in Formula 1 everything is changing very quickly, and yesterday’s events have no interest. We need to focus on the future and not nostalgia for the past. Our sport is a huge opportunity for growth.”

As for Liberty Media, Wolff said: “Record chase Carey and his colleagues speaks for itself. They are experts in the field of media and American sports, and in order to compensate for the lack of experience in other fields, they have invited experts from Formula 1. This is an efficient solution.

Ross brown worked for many years in Formula 1 and well aware of how this sport from the point of view of the teams. It will help to ask the right direction to develop the sport together with the participants and FIA”.

Ross brown: Decisions should not be made in haste

At the same time, wolf stressed that it is important to avoid hasty decisions.

“One thing is for sure: it is not necessary to experiment, he added. – We should not rely on the opinion of fans and make rash decisions. It is important to use a scientific approach, to see how it works in other sports and entertainment platforms.

No need to mess with something that works. You can just optimize the region in which there was not serious progress. This, for example through social media, but first you need to understand how best to use them.

This is an important marketing tool to attract new and current audience. But we must not forget television, which for many years helped in the development of our sport and contributes to the income of the teams. Digital technology will not solve all the problems at once”.

Wolff also paid tribute to Bernie Ecclestone, who left the post of Executive Director of the Formula 1.

“It’s amazing what he has for 40 years stood at the helm, said the Austrian. Burnie saw the potential of F1, and built an Empire. He has an incredible ability to make deals.

Niki Lauda: I know Ecclestone to think things through and in a few days will come around

As for personal relationships, I can say that I wouldn’t be in Formula 1 without Bernie. He supported me in Williams, and even if not everything was running smoothly after my move to Mercedes, we still remained friends. We had a good relationship even though we disagreed on business issues. But it had to be. Employees, the governing for so long, will always stand his ground.

He has an amazing ability to be everywhere at once. As soon as somewhere “there was a fire,” he immediately came to help.

With the change of owners to change the course. We must achieve the maximum benefit from it.”

Тото Вольф: Не нужно ломать то, что работает

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