Tim Goss: the Most difficult challenge 2017 — new tires

Тим Госс: Самый сложный вызов 2017 года — новая резина

McLaren technical Director Tim Goss said that the most difficult challenge for the teams after the change of rules will be new wider tires Pirelli.

In preparation for the season-2017 tire has done extensive test program, testing prototypes of new rubber on modified cars 2015 teams Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

Despite the fact that all the data from the tests has been provided by other teams, Goss is confident that next month all teams will have to get used to the new tires.

“It is difficult for us to understand, how exactly will behave a new tyre, — said Goss in an interview with the official McLaren website. They will be wider and larger in diameter.

Pirelli, together with three teams conducted intensive test program for 2016. They wrapped good mileage and in the end provided us with all the collected data.

But everything is difficult to imagine how the tyres behave, in terms of performance degradation, thermal stability and so on.

Even if now to test on the track, it will be hard to understand all these issues. Besides modified cars differ from those that will be in 2017.

The most difficult is to understand the difference, where the result depended on a modified car, and tire.

We found some of the answers, but still not quite clear how the rubber will behave under the new rules.

I hope a lot clearer on the pre-season tests”.

Recall that the first F1 pre-season test will be held in Barcelona from 27 February to 2 March.

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